Does your child's impulsivity, inattention, or behavior rule your house and make homework a nightmare?

✅ Are you being told your child needs medication for ADHD, but don’t know where to begin for drug free options?

✅Is your child already on medication, but still struggling?

✅Are meltdowns and tantrums blocking your child from the learning and joy you know they are capable of?

✅Does your child keep it together at school, only to lose it in tantrums and tears in the evening when it’s time for homework?

What if your child felt calm, content, and capable about schoolwork...without drugs?

Using this guided process, you can diminish or resolve your child’s ADHD features - whether they’re officially diagnosed or not - with nutrition, food, and gut health supports.

Hello, my name is Judy Converse. I’m a licensed registered dietitian/nutritionist who has specialized in helping kids since 1999. For the last 20 years, I’ve provided one on one clinical nutrition care for hundreds of families – working with kids from every state in the US and on every continent – and I’ve helped thousands more around the globe through my books and blog.   

Many of these kids had severe ADHD or learning problems – kids who flunked out of classes they were smart enough to be in but couldn’t succeed due to ADHD; kids who failed on stimulant meds, anti-depressants, and anti-anxiety meds; kids who lost good opportunities or even friendships due to ADHD; kids whose families had already paid a naturopath, therapist, psychiatrist, neurologist, chiropractor, or functional medicine doctor a lot of money for help, but didn’t get results.  

The one thing they had in common was that when their parents found me, these kids had run out of solutions. Some were facing placement in restricted classrooms or even in-patient psychiatric wards, for out of control impulsivity or inattention.   

I helped these kids go from impulsive, scattered, and unhappy to more calm, focused, happy and capable, seeing improvement in as little as 3 weeks. Because they finally got targeted nutrition support, many of these kids surpassed expectations for learning, behavior, and functional ability that their pediatricians, teachers, therapists, psychiatrists, or even their own parents had for them.  

Now I have made these nutrition-focused critical path steps available for any parent to use, any time, at your own pace – or in as fast as three weeks, if you are ready to really get to work, and get results.   

In 3 one hour sessions, I sort for you how to use multiple layers of nutrition strategy for your child, distilled from my 20 years’ clinical experience, from the role of gut biome on behavior to functional foods to what lab tests your pediatrician should do for you and more. These natural, nutrition focused measures set up your child’s brain to have its own functional focus chemistry. This learning series will show you how to do it.  

Join me in the possibility of your child enjoying learning, feeling their potential, and owning their brilliance. Click to join 21 Days To Less ADHD, More Balance In Your Amazing Child to get started right away.  

Let me guide you through the information maze
In three sessions, I give step by step instructions to replenish, restore, and balance the nutrition all children need to focus, learn, and thrive – and, I give you multiple bonus goodies like expert podcasts, Facebook ADHD and Nutrition closed group, discounted access to premium provider-only products, e-books, and more. Use all of it at your own pace – it’s yours to keep!

Here’s what’s included in the course, all for $269

Recorded Webinars
Three one hour recorded webinar sessions, dripped to you one week apart, full of deep detail on ADHD and minerals, gut biome, inflammatory foods, and more
Recommended Nutrition Screenings
Suggested nutrition lab test screenings worksheet to share with your pediatrician – which ones matter, which ones don’t, and how to keep them in your insurance network
Premium Product Discounts

Registrants get an exclusive discount for premium brands of recommended supplements normally only available through licensed health care providers – with detail on if, when, and how to use them. Let us know you’ve registered and we will set your discount!

Expert Podcasts
  • “Candida, Cognition, and ADHD” with functional medicine expert Jill Carnahan MD, ABIHM, ABoIM, IFMCP
  • “ADHD and College” with collegiate nutrition specialist Jane Reagan MEd, RD, CEDRD
  • “Navigating the IEP Process For Kids With ADHD” with education advocate Yael Cohen, MEd
Recipes and Food Tracking
Recipe and meal ideas, plus recommended app for tracking how much food your child needs – and downloadable pdfs for paper and pencil tracking too
Facebook Group

Join Judy’s ADHD and Nutrition Facebook group where you can troubleshoot with other parents. This is a closed group only for ADHD and Nutrition course attendees.

Sensory Nutrition Checklist
Quick reference guide for “behaviors” that actually signal nutrition deficits, with steps to fix them fast
Free and Discounted Expert E Books
Milk addiction and picky eating free e-book, plus a discounted guide on IEP success for ADHD learners

Enroll anytime. Your 1-hour, pre-recorded webinars will roll out to your e mail, weekly, for three weeks. Access this content and all course materials anytime, at your pace!

What Parents Say

Judy has worked with parents for over 20 years, helping their kids regain health, and to learn, grow, and thrive through targeted nutrition support.

Elizabeth C., Kentucky
“Judy is more knowledgeable than any of the half dozen plus doctors we have talked to about children’s health as it relates to gut health. Adding her to our team helped guide us to the right doctors and get answers no one else was able to find in years of searching. Her guidance and expertise has significantly improved our family’s health. I wish there were more people doing the work she is doing and would encourage anyone who is struggling with confusing nutrition related symptoms to reach out to her (and do what she recommend — she knows what she is doing)”
Colleen M., Virginia
“I cannot count the number of times I credit Judy Converse with changing my son’s health and his life. She did detective work that found the root causes of my son’s health issues. She caught things that all his doctors had missed, and she partnered with me to help him heal and grow again. I don’t know where we would be without her. She is sharp and can balance the small details with the big picture. Words cannot express my appreciation for Judy Converse and the impact she had on two of my kids, and truly on our entire family. I am forever grateful and hope to encourage other families to seek her expertise.”
Cheryl S., Delaware
“Judy Converse has been our most helpful professional in our six-year battle with autism. We have seen many doctors, specialists, therapists (and more) over the years of trying to help our son, and never would have imagined we would say that about a nutritionist (although she is so much more!).  In the years that followed, Judy became our go-to for managing our son’s seemingly complex GI picture. Her wisdom and guidance have been indispensable to us, and an answer to prayer…”
Sarah W., Rhode Island
“I cannot begin to explain how helpful Judy Converse has been to my family. We have a lot of different doctors and specialists that we work with, and Judy was the missing part of my team. Her knowledge of nutrition, supplements, and lab results has truly made a difference in my families journey to heal. You won’t be disappointed!”
Janet H., UAE
“Absolutely instrumental in my child’s recovery from rapidly deteriorating health.”
Jennifer B, California
“In our rocky 7-year journey with our son’s health and dozens of doctors, specialists and alternative health practitioners, finding Judy Converse this year has been the single best thing to happen in his medical journey. She has helped us with every single part of this journey. I cannot recommend her enough … if you are struggling with anything in this area at all, call Judy! You will never regret it.”
Nika A., Dubai
“Judy Converse has been an absolute miracle practitioner for us. After dozens of top rated professors and renowned doctor visits ending in extensive but useless tests – our sleepless research nights finally lead us to Judy. We live worlds apart but I reached out reading her journey so much resonating with ours. From the first appointment I was carefully listened to versus having my (as a mother) observations belittled and immediate recommended recovery plan followed from Judy within hours. And since then everything just started to change. Our child went from eating 4 foods to almost everything within several weeks without allergic reactions. His eczemas cleared up. His asthma disappeared. He started to gain weight and sleep better. Judy’s ability to identify the potential roots of the problem on wide range of issues has been proven on many occasions when other doctors were either unable to identify or lead us in the wrong direction. She healed him to become a healthy and happy kid by setting very meticulous but gentle routine with great remedies. She literally been saving our child when no one knew what to do. I continuously recommend Judy to my friends and as parents we can not thank Judy enough. God bless her and her family.
Lisa P., Virginia
I recommend Judy often, especially for people with issues they cannot solve. Judy is a detective who leaves no stone unturned, a passionate coach and a well-researched scientist. She worked with both my daughters when they were 16 and 18 with incredible respect, great listening skills and an ability to teach them at just the right level. She empowered and equipped my daughters to overcome their health issues and learn many healthy skills for life. She is a delightful person and her excitement for “gorgeous” healthy foods and inspiring recipes added fun to our process.

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