Your kids get to be healthy.

No – really healthy. They get to eat, grow, play, sleep, learn, poop, feel good and just be kids.

Here’s how to work with me to engage real food and functional nutrition so they can get to where they deserve to be.

Nutrition Cafe Bi-Monthly Expert Guidance – Just $49!

Looking for a cost effective way to access nutrition support that yields results for your child? Maybe you don’t need one on one care? Just need some advice, guidance, myth-busting, and strategizing? Maybe you’ve already done lots of labs with other providers but need a second opinion and more detail on next steps? Join us twice a month with Nutrition Cafe, a private members only virtual space, moderated by pediatric nutrition expert Judy Converse, where parents can troubleshoot with others in the same boat. In a bi-monthly secure video chat, topics will rotate across your questions and concerns. Learn how to interpret lab findings, what NOT to say to your kids about food, how to make great snacks without allergens, the shortcut that can fix bedwetting or delayed potty training (yes, even if your child has autism), what salt cravings mean, what sugar cravings mean, what our top product picks are for new foods and supplements (we test them all), how to use probiotics, what a healthy weight is for your child, how to fix leaky gut, and much more. Pay as you go monthly subscription $49.00, cancel anytime. Save nearly 40% with an annual subscription at $369.00.


60 Minute One on One Appointment

Sixty minute session with Judy is available to new or existing client families. This is an investigative appointment that sets baseline nutrition assessment and initial goals, or re-sets assessment and updates goals for you along the way. 


30 Minute One on One Appointment

For families who have completed a 1 hour session or other prior 1 on 1 work with Judy in the last 12 months. Review new lab findings, refine your existing plan. This is a 1 on 1 live video, phone, or in person session with a member of our RD team or Judy per availability.


Catalyst Functional Nutrition Care – Comprehensive Pediatric Nutrition Therapy

Catalyst Functional Nutrition Care means working one on one with Judy – a pediatric nutrition expert (and mom) with over 20 years’ experience – to assess and correct the nutrition components of your child’s concerns and conditions. This appointment series brings your baby, child or teen through a comprehensive, evidence-based, functional-focus nutrition care process in six months, with goals set at the start to guide us through. The package includes lab studies that help define your child’s nutrition baseline. These lab tests are not optional, not transferable to siblings or to your other providers’ lab accounts, and are rolled in to your package fee. 

This service is suitable for families who are ready to commit to new strategy for a child’s health and well being. Children with autism, medication-resistant ADD/ADHD or conduct/mood disorders, growth failure, inflammatory bowel diseases, eczema, allergies, or other chronic conditions feel and function better with individualized nutrition support. Let’s do it. Learn how and what to feed your kids, what supplements to use, and what their potential really is. Be ready for the investigative lab work that effective functional nutrition care calls for. This package includes   

  • Five 1-hour one-to-one video live chats with Judy, spaced 3-6 weeks apart, completed in six months. Sessions not completed in twelve months are forfeited and not refundable (be ready to get to work!).
  • Growth pattern assessment with calorie and macronutrient recommendations tailored to your child
  • Food intake evaluation
  • Detailed nutrition care plan with instructions at each encounter
  • Personalized supplement recommendations with product dosing, brand, ingredients and format optimized to your child
  • Resources for recipes, meals, snacks, and/or food rotations specified to your child
  • Secure chat support between video appointment sessions
  • Secure platform that you can log in to to view lab results, instructions and other resources
  • Lab studies included in this package are listed below. These may not be exchanged for labs done by other providers or ordered through other providers; these are required and included in this package. Each lab test reaches you via a drop ship kit direct to your home and includes all instructions.
    • GI MAP stool study from Diagnostic Solutions Lab – home stool sample collection via drop ship kit
    • Stool Microbiology (includes mycology and sensitivities) from Doctors Data Lab – home stool sample collection via drop ship kit
    • Urine microbial and nutritional organic acids from Great Plains Lab – home urine collection via drop ship kit
    • IgG Food Map (all four subclasses IgG reactions to 96 foods) from Great Plains Lab – blood draw required, use tube provided in the kit
    • CBC, ferritin, transferrin, serum iron, serum copper, serum zinc, Total Iron Binding Capacity, hemoglobin, hematocrit — blood draw required, use tube provided in the kit

A limited number of client families are accepted into Judy’s Catalyst Nutrition Care Program. For children age 3 years or older struggling with long-entrenched issues which remain unresolved despite specialist help in GI, neurology, allergy, functional medicine MD, or others. Children with FPIES, ADHD, autism, picky eating, growth failure, eosinophilic esophagitis, Crohns disease, celiac disease, food allergy, constipation, tube feeding, or mood, anxiety, behavior, conduct or learning challenges are appropriate candidates for this service. Total cost $3950.00, valid for one year period. Unused lab orders or appointments expire one year from initial appointment date and are not refundable. Apply here if you are ready to find answers and make changes that can help your child feel and function much better.




Visa, MC, AmEx, Discover, and Health Savings Cards accepted. Your card is required for booking and will be charged at time of your appointment. Catalyst Functional Nutrition Care is a pre-paid service with payment in full due at first appointment. Nutrition Care For Children does not bill insurance and cannot provide claim tracking, advocacy, or retroactive statements for your services. A statement for nutrition services can be supplied if requested during your appointment. Please see my No Show and Cancellation Policy.