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The Secret to WHY Kids Become Picky Eaters – and How To Reverse It

Do picky eaters rule your home? Has your child’s growth faltered because of picky eating? Have you struggled with feeding therapy and behavior techniques – just to get your child to eat something – but it isn’t really working? Are tantrums about food a daily occurrence in your family?

Here’s how to get rid of picky eating in three essential steps – steps that your pediatrician, feeding therapist, and gastroenterologist don’t know about.

Learn here what your doctor never told you about picky eating: There is an almost too-simple strategy that triggers normal appetite without drugs, extreme sneaky chef tactics, or weeks of feeding therapy.

This webinar series will walk you through the steps to get your child from eating that processed, starchy, sugary, yogurt-and-milky, or plain “white” diet to a more open, healthy, and nourishing palate. You will learn how to restore a normal appetite – which our kids are built to have and enjoy – from the inside out. Find out how your child’s body can do this innately!


Stuck on Miralax? Is your child toe-walking, needing clean outs/enemas/suppositories, doing the “dance” to withhold poop (and you’ve been told it’s “just a behavior” or a “phase”?)

Miralax was never FDA approved for long term use in babies and kids – but it is one of the most prescribed drugs for children, often used for years at a time. In fact, its toxicity and safety are under scrutiny right now. Miralax may make a kid’s poop mushy, but that doesn’t mean your child is actually clearing their colon. In fact, kids who use this drug can still end up with impactions!

Get your kids off this stuff, and on to effective tools that make a gut healthy and functional.

This webinar series gives safe, natural strategies that I’ve used in my own pediatric nutrition clinic for years – for infants, toddlers, children and teens – to move their bowels comfortably. Learn why kids end up constipated, why it matters to fix it, and how to do it – without prescription drugs.

This straightforward strategy guides you through weaning off Miralax while you learn how to use herbs, supplements, probiotics, and foods correctly, effectively, so that your child’s gut can do what is built to do – poop!

Say goodbye to drug dependence on Miralax and hello to your child’s functional and comfortable gut!


FPIES can be terrifying. I know: In 1996, I was a new mom of a baby with FPIES – at a time when this didn’t even exist as a diagnosis. I was literally blamed for my baby’s vomiting, passing out, lethargy, and pallor. At one ER visit, a doctor even told me that “it’s parents like you who cause mental retardation.” Later, a neurologist told me I caused it by “over nursing” my son (who, like many babies with FPIES, was underweight). I am not making this up. It was awful. FPIES is the reason why I shifted my nutrition career exclusively to kids. I knew these doctors were just plain wrong, and there had to be answers. Decades later, I have helped countless families navigate out of FPIES – and the shocker is this: It isn’t all about food protein reactions! This webinar series reveals the strategy I have used to successfully support babies and kids with FPIES, so they can go from tolerating very few foods, to as many as possible, without scary and discouraging reactions or ER visits. You will learn the simple steps you must take to leave this diagnosis behind and move your child to safer, nourishing, and enjoyable eating. All the moving parts – from reflux medicines to elemental formulas to what foods to try first (and it’s not avocado and sweet potato!) – are covered and your questions answered. Get started now!


Yes – it is possible for your child to behave, function, and feel better without prescription drugs.

If your son or daughter has needed medications for ADHD, impulsivity, oppositional-defiant behavior, depression, anxiety, or even self injurious behavior, but you don’t see the progress you expected, there is hope.

Discover the many nutrition-focused strategies your child’s brain and body needs to flow more smoothly. This webinar series reveals the essential nutrition components of behavior that your psychiatrist, neurologist, or pediatrician can’t tell you about – simply because they are trained in the use of pharmaceuticals for these conditions; supportive or therapeutic nutrition is not part of their training.

Whether your child weans off medication, switches medication, or simply reduces dose, the right nutrition support can make it happen. Learn how to work with your prescriber care team in a process that can restore and replenish your child’s brain back to its innate baseline of wellbeing.

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