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More Double Chocolate Cookies – No Major Allergens, AIP Friendly
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Quick, simple, healthy recipe that knocks it out of the park for kids avoiding major food allergens.
tuscan pasta toss
Tuscan Pasta Toss – AIP Friendly
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Find out how a Tuscan pasta dish can be AIP friendly and delicious at the same time
AIP Chicken Parm
AIP Friendly Chicken Parmesan
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Chicken Parmesan is too good to miss out on even if you have to avoid dairy and wheat. Try this
Simple Savory Lentil Soup
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Lentil soup that really is savory, simple, and friendly for all kinds of gut issues
Bean soup in Salty Bowl_smaller
Navy Bean Soup – Simple and SCD Legal
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Hearty, satisfying soup that makes a meal in itself.
Bens squash dish
Butternut and Brats Pasta – AIP
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A hearty, happy, and unexpected blend of flavors and textures
AIP Friendly Delicious Vanilla Pudding
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Make this vanilla pudding. Everyone loves vanilla pudding. This one is AIP friendly
Holiday Snickerdoodles – Grain Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free
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Let your kids enjoy the holidays, even if they have food sensitivities. Yes, they can have cookies.
Soothing Split Pea Soup
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Cold weather classic! Hearty pea soup is easy to make, nourishing, easily digestible, and so much better than the canned
Paleo Chocolate Chia Pudding
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So easy. So fast. So delicious. So good for your kids!
Ground Turkey Larb – Fast and Easy Kid Friendly
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Simple, fast, easy main dish that can work for all skill levels, from emergent young eaters to big kids
Oatmeal Tigernut Cookies – GF CF AIP
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Oatmeal, tigernut flour, and chia are great foods for getting different types of fiber into our diets. Fiber is what
What Is Congee and Why Should Your Kids Eat It?
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Bring this digestible, versatile congee into your weekly rotation for gut healing help
Tigernut Blueberry Peach Bread
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Easy snack and breakfast option for AIP, SCD, FPIES, and low FODMAPS kids.
Pumpkin Chia Pudding Cups – SCD / IBD / AIP
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Pumpkin custard that meets criteria for low FODMAPs, AIP, SCD, IBD patients - no dairy, egg, gluten or nuts. And,
SCD Friendly Turkey Chili
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This SCD Turkey Chili comes together pretty fast, and is proof that eating SCD or Paleo doesn’t mean you never
SCD Apple Pancakes
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Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) leans hard on eggs. Eggs are great, but not everyone can eat them, let alone every
Cool Vanilla Weight Gain Pudding – Paleo and SCD
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Weight gain is something many kids I meet need to work on. But so often, strategies include allergens or other
SCD Apple Banana Cake
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SCD eaters have a hard time finding carbs that are comfortable and safe to eat – especially the ones I
Summer Peach Blueberry Crisp (Paleo)
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Make the most of summer blueberries and peaches with this luscious but light dessert. Amazing warm out of the oven
Double Chocolate Chip Gluten and Dairy Free Cookies
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Double chocolatey, no-compromises goodness meets allergy-friendly cookie! Try this gluten and dairy free version with nutrition bonuses and less sugar
Lemon Garlic Shrimp Zoodles
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Shrimp and zoodles brightened with lemon zest and fresh herbs. Fast, light, fresh, easy.
Portuguese Kale Soup
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Traditional, hearty Portuguese Kale Soup is an allergy friendly full meal soup that's perfect for cold blustery days. If your
Chocolate Shake That’s Actually GOOD For Your Kids
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Keep the chocolatey goodness, lose the sugary junk, make a delicious shake that's good for kids.
Super Easy Ratatouille
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Ratatouille that you can set and forget - exotic and easy!
Mushroom Quiche, Gluten AND Dairy Free
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This dairy free (and gluten free) version of a classic will satisfy even the most hardened cheese lovers
Paleo Chocolate Tahini Millionaire Bars
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Easy to make Paleo version of delicious chocolatey, caramel-y bars... free of cane sugar, wheat, and dairy allergens
Coconut Butter Mochi
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This recipe is modified from a very delicious butter mochi made by a friend of mine who is kama’aina Hawai’i.
Brussels Slaw
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Crunchy, perky side for your favorite burgers, dogs, chicken or fish. Maybe your kids will eat Brussels sprouts after all.
Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread with Paleo Option
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Yummy moist and nourishing pumpkin bread.. or, frosted muffins!
Raspberry Scones – Gluten Free, Sugar Free or Paleo
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Whatever berries you choose, warm scones out of the oven are hard to beat.
Smoked Paprika Chicken
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So simple. How did I overlook this combination my whole life? This is an easy dish that I love simmered
Spicy Chick Pea Curry
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Lovingly known as “train wreck” in my house, this one skillet curry can have heat or be more mild, depending
Gluten Free Chocolate Pumpkin Bread Pudding
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Chocolate + pumpkin is one of my favorite combos when it comes to indulgent baked treats. This is a weighty
Favorite Gluten Free Christmas Cookies – with Paleo Option
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Traditional Christmas cookies for kids with food allergy and sensitivity - that taste as good or better than the "regular"
Easy Fast Molten Chocolate Cakes
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These luscious treats are easier than you think to make, and have very little sugar too!
Parsnip and White Sweet Potato Mash
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Parsnips are better than you think and even better this way - your kids might surprise you by loving this
Honey Buttercream Frosting
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Make delicious, delicate, spreadable frosting without powdered sugar or artificial sweeteners
Super Turmeric Golden Milk
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Try this super-charged version of Golden Milk
Creamy Dairy Free Paleo Vanilla Pudding
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Real pudding takes some time but is so worth it. Plus it's dairy, sugar, and gluten free.
Cauliflower and Broccoli Chowder
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You'll be surprised at how good this simple recipe is - your kids may love eating vegetables this way too.
Tuna Manchego Souffle
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Your kids can feel fancy and enjoy a truly nourishing, restorative food in this dish. Perfect for kids with texture
Bing Cherry Raspberry Sauce (Soup?)
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Sauce to drizzle on fruit, waffles, pancakes or in yogurt, or a soup for hot summer days served cold or
Honey Brownie Cake
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Cake or brownie? You decide. Either way it's Paleo-able, gluten-dairy-sugar free, and delicious.
Paleo Lemon Sponge Custard
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Bright lemon, honey for sweetness (no sugar), and allergen free - rich, nourishing, yummy.
Green Grape Summer Gazpacho
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Cool and soothing, low FODMAPs friendly, and workable as frozen pops, slushies or chilled soup
Lamb Burgers Your Kids Will Love
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Think lamb is too strong tasting for your kids? Not sure how to prepare it? These are easy, really yummy,
Bullet Coffee – For Kids? Try This Creamy Almond Version
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Kids can enjoy this luxurious treat that gives them protein and healthy fats without sugar or caffeine.
Banana Bread, Gluten Free with Coconut Sugar
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Kids sensitive to sugar may manage this recipe more easily - no cane sugar, and no compromise on taste either
Dairy Free Creamy Coconut Rice Pudding
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Drawing on a Chinese medicine tradition, with digestive-supporting herbs, this porridge may help your child gain and grow. Plus it
Honeydew Lime Creamsicle
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Creamy, cool, summer-ready blend of honeydew and lime. Enjoy as frozen popsicles or quick slushie!
Grain Free Carrot Waffles
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Naturally sweet, great with cinnamon, banana slices, and a tahini-maple drizzle.
pesto nut free dairy free
Paleo Tuna Pesto – Nut Free, Dairy Free
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An unexpected and versatile variation on the usual pesto!
Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie, Secretly Health-Packed For Kids
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How to make a creamy lip smacking version your kids will love, without sugar, milk, yogurt, or soy
Pork and Turkey Thai Veggie Meatballs
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A spicy twist on the usual meatball, with a savory blend of turkey and pork
Gluten Free Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Brownies
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Cake like, rich brownies with less sugar, more healthy stuff, and allergen-friendly
Avocado Cantaloupe Lime Salad
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Flavor as bright as the color. Let your kids try it
Pumpkin Pineapple Bundt Cake – Gluten Free, With Benefits
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When I went to get a nice picture of this cake for you, it was gone
Pumpkin and Lentil Dahl
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Got vegetarian kids? Ample protein, rich brain building fats, and awesome antioxidants and carotenoids from pumpkin and turmeric
Better Butternut Squash
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Butternut squash: From boring to brilliant, with extra goodies that boost healthy fats, protein, and antioxidants
Pumpkin Pancakes – An Easy Grain-Free Hot Breakfast
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Easy, fast, grain free way to start the day
Chicken Pot Pie In Gluten Free Crust
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This hearty winter meal is easier than you think to make
Chicken Curry With Green Beans And Potatoes
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Easy to assemble and a good vehicle for immune boosters like cumin, turmeric, ginger, and garlic
Family Tradition Gluten Free Crusty Popovers
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Faster thank you think. Irresistible. Easy way to sneak in extra fats and protein for kids.
Dairy Free, Soy Free Egg Nog: Allergen Free Holiday Tradition
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Sure you can buy non-dairy egg-nog anywhere now, but have you tried the real thing?