Keeping your kids healthy is a BIG job. The food and nutrition part is… SO powerful. SO important. And, so potentially confusing and overwhelming!

Stop searching the internet for bits and pieces about your child’s constipation. Or ADHD. FPIES. Picky eating. Leaky gut. Rashes, food allergies, fatigue, anemia, reflux, frequent cavities and infections, oppositional defiant behavior, tantrums, poor sleep…

You name it. There is a nutrition and gut health component – and it is powerful.

Cut through the endless internet mayhem, myths, and misinformation. Get immediate straight talk from a seasoned pediatric nutrition expert, twice a month, for a full hour, with community, in a private secure virtual space. You can do all this – join Nutrition Cafe!

Meet Your Nutrition Support Tribe

Join every other Thursday at 11:00 AM US Mountain Time. Once registered, our secure Healthie platform will send you auto reminders via text and e mail to join in. Can’t make that time? No worries – all sessions are archived and accessible to our private Cafe members only. Topics and schedule subject to change. Don’t see the topic you want to cover? Suggest it here!

    • June 24 2021 – Inaugural session! Blog Breakdown Lightning Round as I read and respond to your questions and comments that are currently open on my blog posts. Anxiety, reflux, silent reflux, Miralax, milk/dairy addiction, craving sweets, picky eating and more. Let’s see how much we can cover! Join from Day One and get 25% off my most recommended probiotic product.

    • July 8 2021 – Reflux, silent reflux, prescription reflux medicines vs non-drug strategy

    • July 22 2021 – What REALLY heals leaky gut in kids (it’s what your functional medicine doctor or naturopath might have missed)

    • August 5 2021 – Picky Eaters: Busted. Period. Because we fix the gut/brain chemistry that keeps them picky no matter what

    • August 19 2021 – Why is everybody on Miralax? What’s normal poop, what’s “constipated”, what isn’t? How to get off laxative drugs your baby or child may not need

    • September 9 2021 – How to raise a healthy gut kid – when what and where for probiotics, antimicrobials, and biome building foods from the start

    • September 23 2021 – Eczema, trigger foods, and what biome has to do with it

    • October 7 2021 – Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) and Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES)

    • October 21 2021 – Crohns disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease in young children – can food work?

    • November 4 2021 – Autism, developmental delays: Here’s why working on gut, food and nutrients helps everything else you’re doing for your kids including IEPs, OT, PT, ABA, hippotherapy, speech therapy, social skills groups, medication

    • November 18 2021 – Food Antibody Testing – what’s bogus, what’s real, and how to use it (including celiac testing!)

    • December 2 2021 – Nutrition Helpers During Colds and Flu

    • December 16 2021 – Food Allergies During The Holidays: Solutions, Recipes and More

    • January 6 2022 – 2021 Wrap Party: Kid Nutrition Q/A

    • January 20 2022 – Kid Covid Shots: Why World Health Organization Says No

    • February 8 2022 – Key Nutrition Sleep Tips For Babies And Kids

    • March 3 2022 – Natural and Nutrition Supports During Fever (and why you’ll want to skip the Tylenol

    What’s Included

    • Twice a month, live group chat with Judy in a HIPAA secure zoom interface. Share comments and questions live or in advance

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    • Random flash sales and discounts on favorite supplements

    Who is Judy?

    Judy Converse is a licensed registered dietitian nutritionist with over 20 years experience in private practice as a pediatric nutrition specialist. She holds a Master of Public Health from the University of Hawai’i and a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Nutrition and Foods from the University of Vermont. She has authored several books, lectured widely, and maintained a blog for over ten years on integrative and functional nutrition for babies and kids. Located in Colorado, she works along side functional medicine expert Jill Carnahan MD at Flatiron Functional Medicine.

    What parents have to say about Judy…

    “Chronic constipation and diarrhea ended and he began gaining weight…”

    “Her knowledge of nutrition, supplements, and lab results has truly made a difference”

    “The return-on-investment for every dollar spent is incalculable”

    “Finding Judy Converse has been the single best thing to happen in his medical journey…”