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Pediatricians have employed a strategy of late to discourage parents deferring vaccinations. The strategy is this: Fire these parents and children from their practices for balking at the increasingly crowded vaccine schedule. As much as the American Academy of Pediatrics might posture more politely about this when in the spot light, there is no shortage of anecdotes from frustrated, frightened parents who simply want safe vaccinations as much as they want safe cars, safe strollers, safe high chairs, and safe water for their kids to drink. Why are vaccinations different? Why the strong arm tactics? Why do we need to force vaccination on anybody, if it is so assuredly safe and effective?

The reason is that vaccines are not so assuredly safe, and not so effective – and parents are wising up. Our government has quietly spent roughly two billion dollars since 1988 compensating families with the mettle to navigate the system for a claim – that’s just for the one out of three claimants who succeed. And in spite of vaccination rates at 90-100% in most the US, we have regular outbreaks of pertussis, measles, mumps, and chickenpox. Pertussis circulates at high levels now, just as it did prior to vaccination for it. Flu vaccines continue to lose traction as more studies describe how ineffective they are. Investigation into long term effects of using so many vaccines continue to yield chilling findings. With ingredients like formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury, genetically recombined microbes, nut adjuvants, and human and animal tissues, what thinking parent wouldn’t balk?

Here’s a twist: If your pediatrician is so very confident that all vaccinations are safe all the time, and that their benefits truly outweigh risks for your child – not for the population as a whole, not for the CDC, but for your child – then get his signature on this statement below. Let your pediatrician assume the risk, not your child. If the unthinkable happens and your child is injured, you can at least collect from your pediatrician while you wait the average two years to navigate the government’s claim process. Good luck -it took my son’s case nine years just to reach the docket.

Right now, families and children shoulder all the risk. Government health officials, vaccine academics, and many pediatricians disregard this plight, and would sooner abandon you and your child than support your quest for your family’s good health. Because of the 1986 legislation that freed doctors and vaccine manufacturers of any liability, your pediatrician has been kept mostly unaware of what vaccine injuries are, how they look, what life is like for the injured, or who pays for it all. In fact, they are so detached from this issue, there is no treatment offered for a vaccine injury, other than standard emergency care. The ensuing chronic disease (epilepsy, diabetes, allergy, asthma, conduct disorders, autoimmune diseases, mitochondrial disorders, autism) and long term disability become a parent’s burden alone, in terms of coordinating effective treatments to help a child, and paying for them. There is not only no support for these families in our health care system, there is scorn for them, should a parent say aloud that a vaccination caused the child’s injury or condition. If your pediatrician is of a mind to fire you for having legitimate concerns, you might be better off working with a naturopathic doctor, a family nurse practitioner, or a family medicine doctor, who are under less pressure to meet vaccination quotas.

I will wager that no pediatrician would unhesitatingly sign this form. Would your doctor place his or her own life on the line by signing this, rather than your child’s? Doubtful. But the point is that this places the risk where it should be: On the provider and the manufacturer, not on your baby. Our claim system has not served the injured fairly, and it has given physicians a false notion of safety about vaccination. For a printer-friendly version of this statement, click here.


Assumption of Liability for Vaccinations

Vaccinations are a standard of pediatric practice and I, ______________________________________________________________MD, wholeheartedly encourage and support their use to the fullest as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. Vaccinations also routinely cause injuries and deaths, as acknowledged by the FDA via the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), and the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Vaccine Court system via the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP).

I have fully informed my patient / patient’s caregiver / patient’s parent of VAERS and NVICP. I have given my patient / patient’s caregiver / patient’s parent a VAERS reporting form. We have discussed that VAERS exists to record incidents of vaccine deaths, injuries, and adverse events; that VAERS contains many tens of thousands of such reports for all vaccines; that I as the administering physician am obligated to report these via procedures set by the FDA; that any parent may submit a report to VAERS; that VAERS is a passive system that does not likely capture all adverse events, injuries, and deaths from vaccinations; that NVICP may require claimants to wait years to win compensation; that two thirds of claimants do not succeed; that claimants in NVICP must engage their own legal assistance at their own expense; that claims are not heard by a jury of peers in the regular courts but are reviewed by Special Masters appointed exclusively to the closed and separate court system known as “Vaccine Court”; that this Court was created by the National Vaccine Injury Act of 1986; that as of July 2008, this Court had awarded nearly two billion dollars in compensatory damages to persons injured/maimed/killed by vaccinations.

I have also fully informed my patient/ patient caregiver / patient parent that in case of any injury, adverse reaction, or death sustained as a result of the vaccinations administered at my behest and/or by myself or any of my staff, I hereby make myself personally and fully accountable for any and all costs, losses, and needs associated with said injury, adverse reaction, or death, for the lifetime of the victim, including but not limited to costs of any and all medical care, health care, equipment, rehabilitative occupational/physical/speech or other therapies, attorney’s fees for protection of free and appropriate education (FAPE) as specified under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act or other civil rights, educational/remedial/tutoring costs, costs of child care, respite care, in home nursing care, long term care, or residential and custodial care, or any costs for any items, care, equipment, travel, loss of income, pain and suffering, or housing associated with this injury, adverse event, or death resulting from vaccination(s) administered by me, by my staff, or at my behest.

I, ________________________________________________ MD, hereby accept all financial, custodial, and medical responsibility and liability, as described above, for any and all short or long term adverse event, reaction, illness, injury, disability or death that may be caused by vaccination(s), which I have administered to my patient ________________________________________________________________  on this day ____________________________

Signature of patient/patient’s parent/patient’s guardian