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ADHD and Nutrition Master Class Series




Imagine your child enjoying learning, feeling their potential, feeling successful, and owning their own unique flashes of brilliance! This workshop series for parents or professionals new to non-drug supports for ADHD breaks down every component of nutrition that I have tapped in my pediatric nutrition practice for over 20 years, to help kids with ADHD.

If you have a learner challenged by an ADHD diagnosis or ADHD features, you’ve probably endured the meltdowns and tantrums with homework, seen the missteps in social situations and friendships, weathered the impulsivity, and watched how negative learning experiences can become internalized messages of self-loathing in your child.

Does nutrition really help? Yes it does. This master class series spools out three packed one-hour sessions across 21 days. You will learn to use multiple layers of nutrition strategy for your child, from the impact of leaky gut and gut dysbiosis on behavior, to functional foods, to what lab tests your pediatrician should consider for your child and more. Freebie add-ons include expert podcasts, downloadable worksheets, and a free e book. These natural, nutrition focused measures set up your child’s brain to reclaim its innate functional focus chemistry.  Ideal for parents or professionals alike who need to know more non-drug supports for ADHD. Click here to get all the details and enroll today.