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Five Essential Lab Tests for Kids with Autism – 2nd Edition




Five Essential Lab Tests is a fast, deep, and essential how-to for families of kids on the spectrum. Learn how to engage your physician providers to identify nutrition deficits that crater learning, sleep, behavior, focus, attention, social skills, potty training and more. Culled from over 20 years in clinical nutrition practice, pediatric nutrition expert Judy Converse shares details on the top five lab tests you need to capture critical gaps in nutrition that can impair your child’s progress, health, and well-being. Identify the pathways to help kids with autism function better quickly. No matter what other interventions a child on the spectrum uses – from ABA to sensory integration therapy – replenishing the body and brain makes all interventions more fruitful. Physicians generally have little or no training in therapeutic nutrition – much less time to administer it – leaving countless kids on the spectrum with lower functioning, more behavior problems, pain, anxiety, and less potential than they deserve and can achieve. Get the right nutrition screening and care for your child’s better life-long outcome. Learn how to interpret and use these tests, how to work with your providers to get them, and more. Useful for addressing other conditions as well, including ADHD, inflammatory bowel diseases, autoimmune conditions, and more.