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Milk Addicted Kids … Your Kid’s Brain On Dairy




Got a severe picky eater? Hoping your child can feel calmer, happier? Cringing at your child’s hyperactive, aggressive, or impulsive behavior? Failing on medications for attention or volatility? Slow progress in feeding therapy?

When entrenched and severe picky eating is leaving your child underweight, anemic, or jeopardizing their health, happiness, and functioning, it’s beyond frustrating. Addiction to a food is a thing – and it’s not necessarily an optional behavior on your child’s part. This is why costly in-clinic behavior-based therapies might yield only painfully slow, incremental progress – or fail altogether.

Milk Addicted Kids to the rescue! This e book is a synopsis of what works to bust these appetites based on my more than 20 years in pediatric nutrition practice. From kids in growth failure and on tube feedings from picky eating, to overweight kids who can’t stop eating anything but what they shouldn’t, this book shares insights and strategies that parents of picky eaters need to know. Learn how milk protein (and a few others!) might become an addicting opioid in your child’s body, how this affects the brain and nervous system, and why it keeps kids unhealthy. Milk Addicted Kids shares my tips on shifting picky, dairy-dense appetites into diverse and replenishing eating. You’ll notice that these measures can also make it easier for your child to learn, play, sleep, socialize, speak more clearly, relate, poop, and be happy. Whether your kid is stuck on dairy based drinks like Pediasure, Ensure, Orgain or Muscle Milk, bite size Babybel cheese, mozzarella sticks, sugary yogurt confections, pizza, or organic homemade mac and cheese, you can use the tools in this book to broaden their eating so they feel and function better. Kids can go from cranky, constipated, and picky to happier, healthier, and more typically functional – get started with these step by step details today.