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Peaceful Pooping …Natural Alternatives to End Constipation and Have Miralax-Free Kids




Your kids deserve to be constipation-free and not have anxiety or stress about pooping. So why are so many kids on a constipation drug that isn’t FDA approved for them, doesn’t solve the root problem, and has so many side effects and safety concerns that there’s a Facebook group about this with some 75,000 followers? In my pediatric nutrition practice, it’s not unusual for me to encounter children who have been told to use this drug for years, and who have literally spent their entire lives never passing a normal stool.

Any drug has its purpose, place, and time, but there’s no doubt that Miralax is over-used in US children. And, there’s no doubt that there are natural, non-drug alternatives to resolve constipation in children, without side effects. Peaceful Pooping outlines my top most effective strategies to help kids wean off laxative drugs, paraphrased from my more than 20 years in pediatric clinical nutrition practice. I detail how I use what and when for foods, supplements, herbs, and probiotics, and link readers to the Peaceful Pooping Protocol I created in my online dispensary – where you can get the exact brands and products I’ve seen work best, with details on what is appropriate for children of different ages and circumstances. Every item in my Protocol has been vetted by me in clinical nutrition practice, for years. From kids traumatized by emergency room clean outs to those who are picky, underweight, and unable to poop, I’ve seen all types of cases respond to nutrition-focused interventions. Get this 38-page guide full of how-to tips to start today.