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When Your Doctor is Wrong: Hepatitis B Vaccine and Autism




Since 1990, all babies born in the US have been given a dose of hepatitis B vaccine on their first day of life, whether their parents know it or not. This day-one dose is followed by more in the baby’s first year, along with over a dozen other vaccine doses.

Is this necessary? Is it safe? Why and how was this practice created in the first place?

When her own newborn was nearly killed by this vaccine dose, author Judy Converse began asking these questions. A health professional with a graduate degree in public health, what she found not only shocked and disturbed her – it exposed a process rife with industry agendas and degrading to the integrity of medical research itself. When Your Doctor Is Wrong scrutinizes data on the virus and unravels this vaccine’s path to your baby’s thigh. It follows her own child through the terrible maze of an adverse vaccine event and subsequent recovery efforts – which take years. Part memoir, part medical detective work, this book reveals details any parent or parent-to-be must know.