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Sensory problems get in the way of learning, sleeping, eating, and even playing for a lot of kids. Did you know that many of these are linked to nutrition deficits, and may be relatively easy to fix? Use this checklist to get started! Sign up for my newsletter below and the checklist will be in your in box right away.

If you add a supplement to address a symptom, give it time – you are replenishing and restoring tissues and cells that may have needed that support for a long time, even years in some cases. Some nutrients can work quickly to drop sensory symptoms (minerals or B vitamins) while others take may weeks or months (fish oils, the right protein, or gut biome restoration).You may want to chart changes, as they can emerge gradually rather than abruptly, though that does sometimes happen too. If nothing seems to work, it’s likely that your child has a number of needy areas for nutrition support. Work with me to figure out what to do first, or browse my books, webinars, and blog for more info.  Where lab testing might be indicated, talk to your child’s doctor or schedule a nutrition consult with me here.