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Did you catch these recent news items on toxins in our food and water? Both have major impacts for the health of kids nationwide.

In the first clip below, a concerned Nebraska farmer challenges stone-faced fracking lobbyists to drink the water that they tell residents is safe. (Don’t know what fracking is? Learn more here from a not-industry-sponsored source). Here in Colorado, where I live, we’ve heard the same mantra – most famously, from our goofily named governor Hickenlooper, who claims to have sipped fracking fluid in a closed meeting with Halliburton officials.  The Washington Post went so far as to print the absurd notion (from industry-funded University of Colorado researchers) that because fracking fluid and ice cream, toothpaste, and laxatives have some of the same ingredients, it must be okay to ingest fracking fluid.

Would this be the moment to tell you about one of my patients who, at age eight, fell into a coma during a procedure for fecal impaction? He was given so much laxative (a product called Go Lytely, which contains polyethylene glycol) he nearly died.

Whether you’re drinking a lot of polyethylene glycol at once for a bowel impaction, or a little of it daily for years (along with benzene, toluene, and other known and potent carcinogens) from your fracking-contaminated tap, it’s not a good thing – especially if you’re a toddler weighing 24 pounds. Or, a fetus.

So far, besides Governor Hickenlooper’s one shot glass of fracking fluid, there aren’t any takers on drinking the stuff – except for unwitting residents who don’t have a choice but to sip, shower, and drink it every day, because that’s all that comes out of their tap. Those whose water has been poisoned by fracking can get a lawyer – but don’t have much recourse otherwise. Here in Colorado, because of arcane and dated mining laws written in the 1800s, it is legal for an oil and gas company to frack right underneath homes, schools, or any other place they please, with total impunity for toxic effects on people, animals, crops, or water. Setbacks of a few hundred feet may mean nothing, as suggested by a recent study that found more birth defects, still births, and low birth weight babies born to women who lived in the vicinity of fracking activity. And because of the infamous Halliburton Loophole, oil and gas companies don’t have to disclose what is in fracking fluid because it’s “proprietary”, nor do they have to meet federal clean water standards when they dirty up your region’s drinking water.

Watch the silence as these pro-frackers are offered  a glass of their own elixir:

Another item that quietly happened recently was an interview with a French television journalist and a Monsanto spokesperson, Patrick Moore. Mr. Moore makes the off-hand comment that it’s safe to drink “a whole quart” of RoundUp, the glyphosate pesticide that GMO crops need by the ton (they actually need more RoundUp than non-GMO crops, despite promises years ago that one of the many “miracles” of GMO foods was going to be that they would reduce pesticide use. Didn’t happen). Monsanto owns both RoundUp and patents on several GMO seed crops, and obviously wants to continue selling both. But when challenged to make good on his claim that RoundUp is safe to consume by the quart, Mr. Moore loses his cool, insults the journalist, and ends the interview. Once again, no takers:

So. Here in the US we have 21 states actively fracking with no meaningful safety oversight. We have twenty years of GMO crops freely grown and consumed in the US (but not in other developed nations) without so much as a labeling law, never mind safety studies (click here to learn why I tell my patient families to avoid GMO foods). There’s no doubt that this has already put a generation of children at risk. It’s also no wonder that our children are more sick and disabled than ever in our history as a nation. What kind of future can our country have, when corporate rights supersede our children’s rights?
But that’s not all our kids face when it comes to insurmountable, unavoidable toxic exposures. Vaccines are so full of toxins, our Supreme Court ruled them to be “unavoidably unsafe” with a sort of “too bad, so sad” decision in 2011. Devastated by vaccine injuries and left with life long disability including autism, Hanah Poling received a payment from the US Department of Health and Human Services Vaccine Injury Compensation Program of 1.5 million dollars as compensation for her injury (a lot less than usual medical malpractice awards, by the way). Her parents (a neurologist who has received National Institutes of Health grant funding in his career, and a nurse) went on to pursue a civil case based on the fact that the product that injured their daughter was unsafe. But the Supreme Court disagreed. It basically said, yes, vaccines are unsafe at times, and families just have to take that risk, so… shrug. Our society does not permit this sort of corporate carte blanche protection for cars, other drugs, or any other product. Just vaccines.
Hanah Poling

Hanah Poling

Any takers?

Remember when Paul Offit, academic (non-practicing) pediatrician who has made untold millions on vaccine patents, stated that it’s safe to give babies ten thousand vaccines at once? A lot of people challenged him to be first in line on this. There’s even a Facebook page devoted to Offit’s nutty claim. So far, he has followed the cowardly example of his peers in other industries: He has declined to drink his own Kool-Aid.
We have industries operating outside of a reasonable regulatory context in such a way as to expose our children to an unprecedented flow of toxic substances. We have over a million children with autism in the US today. Did toxins play a role? Watch the film Trace Amounts and you may find that this question is settled in your mind once and for all. Or listen to MIT scientist Stephanie Seneff explain why she believes glyphosate causes autism. Our kids have more cancer, diabetes, allergies, asthma, disability, and chronic illness than ever before. Until our elected officials can stand up to corporate interests for change, it’s up to parents to protect our children, with the cleanest, most toxin-free food, water, and health care we can afford. Visit Moms Across America and Fearless Parent for resources and info on keeping your kids as healthy as possible.

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