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What Parents Say

“Finding Judy Converse has been the single best thing to happen in his medical journey…”

In our rocky 7-year journey with our son’s health and dozens of doctors, specialists and alternative health practitioners, finding Judy Converse has been the single best thing to happen in his medical journey. Diagnosed with FPIES and other suspected GI issues, we were floundering around until we found Judy. She has been amazing on every front and the single best addition to our medical team. I don’t even know exactly how to describe in words all the ways she has helped us. But, she changed everything. There were tests and questions and suggestions she made, ordered and asked that lead our doctors to take actions, go different directions. It was her recommendations about herbs and supplements and foods that got us from 3 foods (in February 2017) to 17 and counting today. My son was lethargic (not able to make it through a full day of 1st grade last year), off the growth chart, in constant pain and reacting to everything when we started working with Judy. Today, he is bounding with energy (going through a full day of school plus playing on a soccer team), feeling better, eating more, and he has gained 4 lbs, inches and is moving up the growth chart (slowly but surely). She has helped us with every single part of this journey. I cannot recommend her enough.

~ J. Brewer, California


“She caught things all his doctors had missed.. [He can] heal and grow again”

“I cannot count the number of times I credit Judy Converse with changing my son’s health and his life. She did detective work that found the root causes of my son’s health issues. She caught things that all his doctors had missed, and she partnered with me to help him heal and grow again. I don’t know where we would be without her. She is sharp and can balance the small details with the big picture. Words cannot express my appreciation for Judy Converse and the impact she had on two of my kids, and truly on our entire family. I am forever grateful and hope to encourage other families to seek her expertise.”

~ C. McNiff, Illinois

“She empowered and equipped my daughters to overcome their health issues…”

“I recommend Judy often, especially for people with issues they cannot solve. Judy is a detective who leaves no stone unturned, a passionate coach and a well-researched scientist. She worked with both my daughters when they were 16 and 18 with incredible respect, great listening skills and an ability to teach them at just the right level. She empowered and equipped my daughters to overcome their health issues and learn many healthy skills for life. She is a delightful person and her excitement for “gorgeous” healthy foods and inspiring recipes added fun to our process.”

~L. Pinkham, Virginia

“Chronic constipation and diarrhea ended and he began gaining weight ”

“We have seen many doctors, specialists, therapists (and more) over the years of trying to help our son, and never would have imagined we would say that about a nutritionist. Only a few days after our first consult, our son’s situation began to improve dramatically. His chronic pattern of constipation and diarrhea ended and he began gaining weight–we quickly started seeing behavioral gains as well! In the years that followed, Judy became our go-to for managing our son’s seemingly complex GI picture. What followed can only be described as an explosion of social and developmental gains–unlike anything we’ve seen up to now. Her wisdom and guidance have been indispensable to us, and an answer to prayer.”

~C. Shomo, West Virginia

“Allergist and pediatric gastroenterologist let me down… I could not have done it without Judy”

“I have been working with Judy now for 3 years, since my son was two years old. After numerous pediatricians, an allergist and a pediatric gastroenterologist let me down and told me there was nothing wrong with my son who was having up to 8 bowel movements a day with undigested chunks of food that he had eaten three hours before and atrocious behavior I finally found Judy. She listened. She understood. All those doctors and they couldn’t even diagnose anemia. It has been a long and hard uphill battle at times, but I could not have done it without Judy. This lady knows her stuff. I have and will continue to recommend her. Thank you Judy, for all you do!”

~B. Mantz, Pennsylvania

“After trying Miralax with no success, our daughter is now pooping nearly every day without tears or fears”

I stumbled across Judy’s website (or was prayerfully led!) during a stressful period when our 2.5 year old had been struggling with severe chronic constipation and UTI’s for 9-12 mos. After trying Miralax as suggested by our ped with no success (and no suggestions as to the root cause), I started searching for answers and help outside of “mainstream medicine”. Reading Judy’s blog about fungal overgrowth made bells go off in my head. After only a month to 6 weeks of reducing sugar in her diet, starting high-potency probiotics, a dairy-free diet and an herbal protocol designed by Judy, our daughter is now pooping nearly every day without tears or fears and has even begun to potty train on her own!! We are so thankful for Judy’s expertise, her practical nature, and her well-researched, well-written blogs that lead us to her and better health for our daughter.

~B. Dombrowski, Colorado

“My daughter suffers from anxiety and depression… she has made unbelievable improvement physically and mentally. ”

“Like so many parents with children suffering from mental health challenges, I learned from another parent about her work with Judy. My daughter suffers from anxiety and cycles of depression. At age 12, she was hospitalized. After the hospitalization, we found a good therapist but felt that there had to be a more holistic approach than just therapy and meds (which I had very mixed feelings about). In our pursuit of alternatives, we went to Judy. What a gift! My daughter has made unbelievable improvement physically and mentally. Such joy! Judy worked with us to understand my daughter and her challenges. Her manner is so warm and caring that you can’t help but understand that she is doing this so families and children can find a healthy path to healing. A gift.”

~K. Mehr, Maryland

“Her knowledge of nutrition, supplements, and lab results has truly made a difference”

“I cannot begin to explain how helpful Judy Converse has been to my family. We have a lot of different doctors and specialists that we work with, and Judy was the missing part of my team. Her knowledge of nutrition, supplements, and lab results has truly made a difference in my family’s journey to heal.”

~Sarah, Rhode Island

“The return-on-investment for every dollar spent is incalculable!”

“Words cannot express my complete gratitude for Judy! I have now been working with her for a year, and what a year! My two boys were both struggling, especially my younger boy, who was so ill he could not function normally at all. Now, one year later, both boys are stronger and healthier than ever. As soon as I discovered her online, I thought she represented the future of high-quality children’s health care, and now I know it’s true! She is a world-class expert, and yet she is very down-to-earth and affordable. The return-on-investment for every dollar spent is incalculable! If you are struggling with what to feed your children and how to make sense of the whirlwind of health news going on, I totally recommend you read her books and blogs and give her a try.”

~PCurry, Pennsylvania

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